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Jacki Campbell – Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner (RHFP),
Spiritual Mentor, Medium, & Channel

Jacki is a spiritual mentor, medium, and channel/trance channel who recemtly attained her certification as a Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner (RHFP).


Service offerings include clairvoyant readings, spiritual mentorship, Reconnective Healing,® remote or hands-on healing, chakra healing & balancing, past-life exploration/healing. through the Akashic records, and shamanic ceremony.


Jacki's clairvoyant readings typically provide powerful healing and tools for growth to move beyond current limitations.  She works with your guides/highest Self, where the focus is YOU and your life, as they draw Jacki's attention to the area(s) where assistance is most needed.  In addition to readings amd healing services, Jacki also offers shamanic ceremony such as soul retrieval, cord-cutting, and mind/heart walk to facilitate emotional and energetic healing.

Through spiritual mentorship, Jacki provides personal guidance which can help you discover your own intuitive gifts and teach you how to develop and use them in your daily life. If you're not sure which service would serve you best, please contact Jacki for a consultation.

It is important to note that  Jacki cannot read your mind; your secrets will remain your secrets.  Your guides will simply show her any areas where healing is needed.

Areas covered include:


With Self & Others




Life Purpose

Akashic Records

Past Lives

Guidance for Future Goals and Desires




Inner Growth and Spiritual Development 

To Schedule a Reading or Healing session, Call  425-260-1238
or click the link below to book online
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